Welcome to the Chip Cart!

Ready for the traditional taste of England? Why not come and try our delicious fish and chips?We’re a mobile fish and chip shop selling fish and chips around Somerset. With our tasty treats and generous portions, you won’t be sorry you stopped by.

Offering the most exceptional fish and chips in the south west, we use only the freshest produce available, bringing you fast food that’s both delectable and natural.

Don’t take our word for it, have a look at our Facebook page for all our customer reviews. Once you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy some of our quality fish and chips, we hope you’ll be inspired to get social and share the good news with Somerset too! But it’s not just selling fish and chips on the street that we do. Oh no, we also specialise in weddings, private parties and corporate events too.

Are you preparing for your big day? Struggling to think of scrumptious and filling food ideas that won’t break your budget? Why not choose us? Everyone loves fish and chips, and deviating from the often pricey sit-down meal will really give your guests something to remember. Breaking with tradition when it comes to weddings is the done thing nowadays. Letting us look after the food will give you that traditional British element while also helping you to break the mould and do something a bit more quirky.

If you’re aiming to add a memorable twist to your event or function, convincing your client or guests of your trustworthy and unpretentious core business values, our Chip Cart might be just the solution you’re looking for. Cutting edge corporations all over the world are incorporating good honest street food into their functions and even their canteens.

After all, who can resist the nostalgic taste of fresh lightly battered cod, golden haddock, perfect plaice, scrumptious scampi, hearty burgers, chunky sausages, healthy chicken breasts, moreish veggie burgers and of course, chips, made from the finest Maris Piper potatoes? You’d be mad to miss out!